Bunny Scent
My Dog Would Kill
Oh Give Me A Hill!
Walk Don't Run
Wise Crack
Joy Is In My Blood
Second Brain
humanity is a tiger
monkey gun
It Came To Me This Morning
tetrahedral cull cathedral
Four Tribes
It Passes, The Night
Loki & Lucifer
Love & Laughter
I'm A Born-Again Virgin
Subliminal Pornography
Luscious Lips of Lily
I Will Follow
Science and Dreamer
The Blood-Spattered Banner
America Was Invented
So You Think It Was Coincidence
The Magic Spell
There Is A Graven Image
Mass-Marketed Sports
Do You Wear A Tie?
The Veil
Water Water
Their Halls Ring With Laughter
The Story of Christmas
Poem For A Past Pontiff
Exodus 20 Revisited

Burning Man sound poems

Interactive Poems:




Luscious Lips of Lily
Where the petals kiss the pistel
And the misty limpid thistle
Drips its viscous whisps of dew

Terra Nova intertwining
Terraced tiers of culturation
Tumid tintinnabulation
To the tulip’s sweet sinew

Venting vernal veils of vapor
Over every vineyard veining
In the living lympha raining
O’er the orchid’s velvet hue

Grow and glisten glimmer garden
In the gloaming garlands gather
Goblets gorged with golden lather
In  a Gaian boogaloo