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Burning Man sound poems

Interactive Poems:



They say behind the stomach there resides a second brain
The complexity of which is something that they can’t explain.

The issues of digestion and a body’s reproduction
Do not require the tissues of cognition and deduction.

Nor can they fathom why it is that almost all the time
It insists on sending such a mass of data up the spine.

“What could the belly have,” they ask, “by way of information
Which in such volumes could enhance cerebral operation?”

The answer is well-known, I think, to common intuition.
That very concept will bring understanding to fruition.

For the head is very clever with its smells and light and sound
And has convinced itself those are the only things around.

But there is a vast realm of sense surrounds us like a sea
Far beyond the scope of our meager tools of vibrational frequency.

Not limited to boundaries of matter, time or space
It was our home long before we were the human race.

That magic knot of nerves that lies there at our core
Is descendant of that organ that informed us long before
It sent that sense equipment bundle up the spinal tower

Where that grey mass grew so large it thought that it had all the power.


In other words, that thing that in our innards is immersed
Is not our second brain, oh no, it’s certainly our first.

And like the sun that beams us life from out the system’s nexus
All wisdom radiates to us from out the solar plexus.

But since the truth so oft conflicts with vanity and pride
Most people go to heady lengths those signals to deride.

And choices made, things go wrong, life kicks them in the butt…
They always say “I shouldn’t have – I knew it in my gut!”