Bunny Scent
My Dog Would Kill
Oh Give Me A Hill!
Walk Don't Run
Wise Crack
Joy Is In My Blood
Second Brain
humanity is a tiger
monkey gun
It Came To Me This Morning
tetrahedral cull cathedral
Four Tribes
It Passes, The Night
Loki & Lucifer
Love & Laughter
I'm A Born-Again Virgin
Subliminal Pornography
Luscious Lips of Lily
I Will Follow
Science and Dreamer
The Blood-Spattered Banner
America Was Invented
So You Think It Was Coincidence
The Magic Spell
There Is A Graven Image
Mass-Marketed Sports
Do You Wear A Tie?
The Veil
Water Water
Their Halls Ring With Laughter
The Story of Christmas
Poem For A Past Pontiff
Exodus 20 Revisited

Burning Man sound poems

Interactive Poems:



Subliminal Pornography

Come now

If you seek acres of bliss
Back-lit, silken-tongued hard-won happiness
Then spread your field
Plant its seeds
Lay down in the shoots in a shower and get wet
In a big thick oxygenated
Morass of ecstasy

Let wherever you lay be a moist and swollen bed of comfort

And if a dream comes, let it slide inside your whole soul,
Your perfect aspects, your private partitions
Your public your country
Let no inhibition or chasm internal hijack your elation