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Burning Man sound poems

Interactive Poems:


a poem written by my dog:

Bunny Scent

Bunny scent!  Bunny scent!
I think I sense some bunny scent
Is there a scent more heaven-sent
Than that delicious bunny scent?
You know I knew just what it meant
When I first sensed that bunny scent

I’m not a gent or prescient
Or some small country’s president
I’m just a dog made all agog
By lovely lovely bunny scent

I want to laugh but it’s not funny
I’m filled with joy by scent of bunny

Bunny scent!  So excellent!
I’m really in my element
Nose to the ground I run around
And listen for the slightest sound
Somewhere in this environment
A bunny’s giving off that scent

Bunny scent!  Bunny scent!
Nature’s perfect condiment
But don’t think I’m all bark no bite
Just wait til I get bunny sight!