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Stranger Media (Flash title)
The Multimedia Works of Jeff Green
Soundings (Flash title)
the award-winning speculative fiction drama series
The Radio Work (Flash title)
early plays, music specials
Cowboy Who? (Flash title)
bizarre low budget children's television for twisted adults
Interactive Drama (Flash title)
Midnight Stranger and Mode, multimedia CDROM, interactive simulated socializing mysteries employing the unique Mood Bar interface
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Soundings - Load Page for the Aurrery

The Radio Drama of Jeff Green
Loading now is the Aurrery, an interactive audio-visual experiment that is both front page and symbolic center of the site you are entering. While it is highly recommended that you experience this engaging device, if the present conditions of your connectivity are not conducive to display of the contents in a reasonable amount of time, or for whatever reason, feel free to skip it

Soundings - Front Page

Soundings (Flash title)
Eleven internationally acclaimed science fantasy radio dramas
Full production full cast audio theatre
Tales of the extraordinary expertly told in rich, textured landscapes of sound
“Jeff Green has a terrific imagination!” Phil Proctor of Firesign Theatre
“This guy is really good!” Jerry Stearns, the American Society for Science Fiction Audio
“First-rate!” National Public Radio

Soundings - About Soundings page

The earliest-produced play in this collection, "Epiphanies", was created with the assistance of a Canada Council grant in 1980, and was originally intended as the pilot for a series. It was not until 1985 when an association with CHEZ 106 FM in Ottawa led to the creation of the remainder of the plays presented here, the last of which was produced in 1990. Primary production was done using Neuman and AKG microphones through a Studer board to an Ampex 8-track tape deck and mastered to Ampex half-track tape. All plays were first aired on CHEZ. "Xmas Is Coming To The District of Drudge" and "Plague" won Ottawa ACTRA awards for Best Radio Program of the Year in 1988 and '89 respectively. A set of the plays as broadcast on America's National Public Radio Network received a silver medal in the drama category at the 1990 New York International Radio Festival. In 1998 the play “Spaxter” received a MARK TIME Award from the American Society for Science Fiction Audio and was inducted into their Hall of Fame alongside such legendary works as "The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy" and the Orson Welles production of "The War of the Worlds". Plays from the series have been heard on Canada's CBC, Britain's LBC, and Australia's ABC networks.

To order the plays in CD quality go here.

About the Author

Jeff Green has been producing award-winning media for more than two decades. He began his career in radio, a primary creative component in the startup of three radio stations by the time he was 19. He was co-writer and director of the offbeat children's series "Cowboy Who?" which aired on the Mid-Canada Network from 1990 to 1995. Also in the 90s he was writer and director on a series of interactive multimedia projects with Animatics Interactive, including the groundbreaking award-winning "Midnight Stranger".
Jeff also has career experience as a veejay, journalist, editor, web designer, cameraman, multimedia specialist, and programmer for internet radio.

Soundings - The Stories page

Sardonic near-future thriller that pits a techno-telepathic private investigator against a self-styled digital deity
A near-omniscient future computer sets Spax on the track of an alien manifestation
She Dreams Of Atlantis
An ad executive has visions of a past life that she just might still be living
Three people flee holocaust in the wilds of Northern Ontario, only to discover that fate has something different in store for them
Somebody Talking To You
A present-day alt-culture dilettante witnesses the takeover of the world, one Walkman at a time
Xmas IsComing To The District Of Drudge
A government worker in a dystopian world devoid of passion encounters a substance that has the potential to change everything
A wish-fulfillment fantasy for anybody that hates evile, and wants to do something about it, right now.
An unabashed homage to one of the greatest horror writers of all time, set in a chilling madhouse
A nightmare future where the world’s surviving populations languish under vast domes that hold the plague at bay
The Tuning
Portrait of a future media indistinguishable from reality, and the change to reality it helps bring about.
Join a disillusioned politician as he faces an opponent with an uncanny power over sound

The Radio Work - Front Page

The Radio Work (Flash title)
Azort Starbolt: Space Android
Short (mostly), silly (dare we say “stupid”?) episodic slapstick sci-fi superhero satire
Early Drama
Three very different productions: One weird sound experiment, one straight SF parable, one love letter to a sci-fi classic
The Prog Docs
Documentary profiles of progressive rock masters Peter Gabriel, Pink Floyd, and Yes
Big In Japan
A bi-weekly late-night music show on CKCU hosted by Sandalenius R.Pamalux now available on 10-hour mp3 discs
About the Radio Work (button)

The Radio Work - About the Radio Work page

In the 70s and 80s Jeff Green was a key creative component in the launching of two Ottawa radio stations; the campus-based CKCU-FM and the commercial AOR station CHEZ 106 FM. The works presented here represent just a fraction of the 100s of hours of original programming produced in those venues. They also represent a range of relative production value, from the primitive monophonic recordings of “Azort Starbolt” (produced on pre-FM equipment) to the eight-track stereo mixes of the progressive rock documentaries and “For A Breath I Tarry”

To order these works in mp3 and audio CD formats go here

The Radio Work - Azort Starbolt: Space Android page

Azort Starbolt: Space Android (Flash title)
Produced at CKCU, Radio Carleton, in the early 70s, this unabashedly silly series, produced on primitive equipment by enthusiastic teenagers inspired by Monty Python and Firesign Theatre, follows the absurd adventures of a crime-fighting android in a weird pan-galactic future.
Chapter one
Azort must combat the evil and insidious Balfod the Nebulous as he joins forces with the Federation of Mutants to wreak havoc with the very stars themselves
Six episodes, ten to fifteen minutes each.
Chapter two
Azort boldly faces a bizarre set of opponents, including the dastardly Captain Magneto, in a series of strange adventures that feature, if nothing else, an awful lot of sound effects! Four episodes, the first of which is 30 minutes, and the others 10 to 15.

to order

Radio Work - Early Drama page

Early Drama

August Awareness
An extremely unusual mix of music (original electronic and sampled progrock), spoken word sound collage, superhero sci-fi, and corny comedy, this scattered tale follows a bizarre collection of strangely-powered individuals as they pursue a mystery with implications that reach from the ocean to the stars… or something…
60 minutes

For A Breath I Tarry
Adapted from the short story by Roger Zelazny, this is a moving story of the far future wherein a planetary maintenance robot seeks to understand the long-dead species that once inhabited the world
30 minutes

The War Of The World Special
A combination documentary and media experiment, this special begins with an in-depth audio look at the history of the H.G.Wells classic in its many manifestations, then presents an edit of the historic Orson Welles/Mercury Theatre broadcast enhanced with the music and Richard Burton narration of the Jeff Wayne electronic musical
60 minutes

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Progrock Docs page

Progrock Documentaries

Gabriel ‘78
A special built around an interview with Peter Gabriel recorded on the occasion of
the tour of his second solo album
30 minutes
The Answer Is Yes (1987)
An exhaustive analysis of the seminal progrock band Yes, tracing their story from the beginning through to the album “Union”
60 minutes
Jon Anderson ‘87
A special built around an interview conducted with Jon Anderson, backstage at an Anderson,Bruford,Wakeman & Howe concert, that explores his music, mind and motivations
60 minutes
Pink Floyd ’87: You Gotta Be Crazy
Produced on the occasion of the first non-Waters Floyd tour supporting “Momentary Lapse of Reason”, this is a dense and intriguing profile of one of the most influential bands in history
60 minutes
David Gilmour ’87: the raw interview
Jeff had the opportunity to sit down with David Gilmour as they prepared for their first show of their first non-Waters tour, and this is the unedited recording of their conversation.
75 minutes
Whatever Happened To Alice?
A profile of original shock rocker Alice Cooper built around an interview conducted on the eve of the 1987 tour. Rich with facts and samples and a lively chat with the man himself.
58 minutes

To order

Big In Japan page

Big In Japan

Boundless late-night music programming, progged and rocked and chilled and thrilled and thoroughly transporting, from the nation's best campus station and the deejay with no name that's ever the same

To read the text version of the show listings go here.


Cowboy Who

Take a quick Flash tour of the seasons.

The Cowboy Who? Season 1 DVD is now available.

To find out a little about it you can go to the official publisher site: strangemediachange.com. To buy it you can go to amazon.com or right here

And HEY! Check out the groovy Wikipage that somebody put up for us!!


Interactive Drama - Front Page

Interactive Drama (Flash title)

These works are the result of an extraordinary collaboration that took place between Jeff Green and the Animatics Interactive Company in the early-to-mid-90s. Part simulated socializing, part branching-pathway storytelling, part sci-fi mystery, these works were groundbreaking experiments in video-based interactivity that have still never been equalled. Featuring the unique Mood Bar interface.

Midnight Stranger (Flash button)

Mode (Flash button)

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Now In Production
Stranger Still (link graphic)


Interactive Drama - Midnight Stranger

"This is a landmark game" -- CD-ROM Magazine
"Mature audiences will find themselves captivated by Midnight Stranger from the opening screen" -- Eden Maxwell, COMPUTER GAMING WORLD
"A pioneering effort... brilliant innovations" -- Gerry Blackwell, The TORONTO STAR
"Wildly unpredictable adventure... relentlessly compelling... Role-playing has never been this realistic" -- Jeremy Lowell, SHIFT Magazine

An award-winning psycho-social experience. Wander the midnight streets of the city looking for action in the bars and nightclubs. Interact with any of eighteen characters, presented in a unique embedded full-motion-video format, using the engaging Mood Bar interface, with outcomes that can range from love to death. Available in Windows PC and Macintosh formats.

To order

Interactive Drama - Mode

"An exceptional lost jewel of an FMV adventure title"
Orb, Four Fat Chicks
"It's hard not to get caught up in the strange events unfolding before you"
Robert Crew, The Toronto Star
"Mode's chief asset is the acting. All the performances, from the flamboyant yet angst-ridden Vito to the dimwitted beefcake Hercule Dinaste, are flawlessly executed"
Julie Gordon, Computer Player
"Cleverly written, with a decidedly R-rated theme and some of the most intriguing characters ever assembled on a CD-ROM"
Julie Cohen, HomePC

There’s an amazing party going on, and you’re not invited. Try crashing the bash anyway, interact with nine intriguing characters, and see what happens. You could end up getting tossed out, scoring with a supermodel, maybe saving a life, or taking one. Featuring hours of embedded video, a very strange fashion show, an interactive game-within-the-game, and a truly weird sci-fi subplot. Three discs, Win/Mac hybrid

To order


Interactive Drama - Stranger Still

Stranger Still is a new interactive project from Jeff Green / Stranger Media. Drawing on experience from the earlier CD-ROM productions presented on this site, and others unpublished, Stranger Still will once again push the boundaries of emotional engagement in non-linear media. As the user you will find yourself part of a fascinating experiment in nighttime simulated socializing, where you will encounter an extraordinary collection of inner city individuals and by your spoken responses -- interpreted by speech recognition software -- determining the outcome of the night’s events.

The Webchat Demo

While Stranger Still is intended for speech recognition interaction, this demo of material from the production has been turned into a Flash file using the Mood Bar interface. Thus you can simultaneously get an idea of the nature of Mood Bar interaction and the kind of drama to be found in Stranger Still. The material presented here was recorded online with the director in Canada and the actors in North Carolina. It is in the form of a webchat, and in the final product the scene will be found on a computer screen in another character's house -- if that character leaves the room for a while, a webchat request pops up on his computer, and if the player clicks on it they find themselves in an online webchat with a stranger.

To play this demo click on the image above. You will need Flash on your browser. There may be a load-time delay as it's fairly large. You will also need to know how to use the Mood Bar.

The bar you will see in the demo will not have the benefit of the text descriptions. The bar appears to be an undifferentiated gradient with an infinite number of possible choices. This is of course not possible, and there is no telling how many possible directions there might be out of any Mood Bar decision gate. In fact, at one point in the demo it doesn't matter where you click, all the buttons lead to the same point (in other words, the character isn't really listening). Usually there are at least three different directions possible, corresponding to the three attitudinal choices shown above, though it will not be obvious how much of the bar is devoted to each one.

When playing a Flash file you can try it again right away by right-clicking on the window and selecting Rewind. Then right-click again and select Play. As a rough guide, there are more than 35 individual clips in this demo, more than a dozen possible "outcomes".

This scene stars the incredible Desiree Markella (check out her website at www.DesireeMarkella.com) and Jon Dawson (check out his band site at www.thirdofnever.net) recorded online from Jon's home in North Carolina.




Bunny Scent
My Dog Would Kill
Oh Give Me A Hill!
Walk Don't Run
Wise Crack
Joy Is In My Blood
Second Brain
It Came To Me This Morning
tetrahedral cull cathedral
Four Tribes
It Passes, The Night
Loki & Lucifer
Love & Laughter
I'm A Born-Again Virgin
Subliminal Pornography
Luscious Lips of Lily
I Will Follow
Science and Dreamer
The Blood-Spattered Banner
America Was Invented
So You Think It Was Coincidence
The Magic Spell
There Is A Graven Image
Mass-Marketed Sports
Do You Wear A Tie?
The Veil
Water Water
Their Halls Ring With Laughter
The Story of Christmas
Poem For A Past Pontiff
Exodus 20 Revisited

Burning Man sound poems

Interactive Experiments


Page 1: Manifesto

You are a prisoner
Hobbled, strait-jacketed, clamped in a metal mask
That reaches all the way inside your mind
An iron maiden whose spikes are lies
And gore you with doubt
You are chained to the floor of your cell
And the window gives a view of a wall
And you are told that this is the world
Like Harrison Bergeron
Your ears are blasted with noise
Your eyes strapped into lenses of distortion
Telepathic cables crush your very thought
Into a dwarfish muttering mass of self-obsession

This is not you

It is a sad shallow shadow-puppet of your true self
That sound in your head is a pitiful tinny distorted echo of your true voice

This is not your fault

Though you chose to be born a slave
As did we all
But hearken
For the time is near
Emancipation is here
Beyond the knowledge of our stunted science
out here near galaxy’s edge
hurtling at a million miles a day through the vibrant void
the soul of this world is sweeping inexorably
into a glorious glowing region of space and time
suffused with invisible immeasurable radiance
that will change everything
that will change you
you can already feel it
a rising vibration that makes it all lighter
higher, purer, truer, more certain, divine
and when you have crested with clarity
these chains, these fetters, these walls and bars
this cruel taloned fist that compresses your brain
will be no more substantial than mist
to be dispelled with the slightest exhalation of yogic breath
a single, simple sussurating sigh of release, of relief
and these your jailers, gatekeepers, cruel gods and torturing guards
will be revealed
their crowned and jewel-encrusted masks dissolved
exposing the leering scaly serpent-hides beneath
and you will see them as the vicious bitter insects they are
yet despite their unspeakable crimes
nightmarish evils across all of human time
from your newfound summit of soulful perfection
you will feel for them only the most profound compassion and love
as for a twisted, sickly, misshapen child
with aching ages of karma to be unmade for their perfidy
and then you, and I, and all, as one, will turn
to gaze at last upon the infinite immaculate glory of our inherited home
and that indescribable garden for which we ever yearned, all unknowing

… but this is yet to be

and while our Eden is but one step away
it is yet guarded with flaming swords
for our gods know well their fate should we awaken
and they would keep us bound if they could
that they may  feed on
on our fear, on our blood, and on our babes

the masses, trapped in their cubicles
lost in the mind-numbing dream-worlds of their glowing screens
know nothing of this fleeting window of liberation
their space-lords will lie to them, as ever they have
tell them their visions are madness
confuse them, infuse them with drugs, radiations, wars and pain
cause them to live in fear of their own loving planet
made to hack and spew and engulf them
under the pounding of their poisonous pressures
No effort will be spared to keep us cowering in our cages of illusion
until this cosmic crack of light has passed
and the mental manacles once more solid and set
for another enduring eon of agony

this then is your mission

awaken a friend
awaken a family of friends
awaken a tribe of families
awaken a planet of tribes
let not this magic moment pass, this sacred summoning
this passing portal to the final blossoming of all
to our fated fullness
for know this, as truer than any thought
that has ever been thought true
by any of our kind
through all of the ages of the ancient lie we call history:
The true god is calling
It is us

Page 2: a poem written by my dog:

Bunny scent!  Bunny scent!
I think I sense some bunny scent
Is there a scent more heaven-sent
Than that delicious bunny scent?
You know I knew just what it meant
When I first sensed that bunny scent

I’m not a gent or prescient
Or some small country’s president
I’m just a dog made all agog
By lovely lovely bunny scent
I want to laugh but it’s not funny
I’m filled with joy by scent of bunny
Bunny scent!  So excellent!
I’m really in my element
Nose to the ground I run around
And listen for the slightest sound
Somewhere in this environment
A bunny’s giving off that scent
Bunny scent!  Bunny scent!
Nature’s perfect condiment
But don’t think I’m all bark no bite
Just wait til I get bunny sight!

Page 3:

My dog would kill, if it could catch, the beasts that flee
Except for cats, he loves the cats
And when they stop and arch their back
He gets all shy and turns away
The very soul of modesty
Pretends to be just passing by

Page 4:

I’m socially responsible,
I pick up my dog’s waste.
I tie it up in plastic bags
Which into bins are placed.
From there they’re dumped into big trucks
And shipped outside of town,
Where they’re emptied into landfill pits
And buried in the ground.
Future archaeologists
May develop many theses
To try to come to understand
The history of our species;
But whatever ambiguities
In the data that they crunch,
They’ll know with crystal clarity
What my dog had for lunch

Page 5:

Oh give me a hill, to climb at my leisure!
A hill let me climb, just me and my dog.

Not a mountain majestic of epic dimension
That would take many days and a Sherpa to scale,
Nor a pitiful hillock, like a fairy’s invention,
That would only challenge the young or the frail.

Give me one that has pathways of fair inclination
That cut ‘cross the face of a dome ‘gainst the sky;
Whose summit once mounted is of good elevation
With distant horizons to comfort the eye.

I will sit on that hill, gaze on cosmos and landscape,
See what future memory the vista might jog.
And then I’ll descend, reciting sad poetry,
And we’ll wend our way homewards, me and my dog.


Page 6:

I see them when I walk my dog,
The ones that run, the ones that jog
Of running’s praises many sing
But walking’s how I’ll pass the day
For when I walk it’s towards something
And when I run, away

Page 7:

As I walk I take great care to step on not a crack.
I know not if this habit has preserved my mother’s back.
On this subject she and I have surely never spoken;
But I persist, for one thing’s certain:  it has never broken.

Page 8:

Joy is in my blood
For I imagine worlds of pain
Not yet the final flood
So I adore the driving rain
Not yet the planet burning
So I relish blistering heat
Not yet an ice age turning
So I smile at snow and sleet
Not yet the time for my last gasp
I cherish every breath
Not from the cosmic plan outcast
I do not fear my death

Page 9:

They say behind the stomach there resides a second brain
The complexity of which is something that they can’t explain.
The issues of digestion and a body’s reproduction
Do not require the tissues of cognition and deduction.
Nor can they fathom why it is that almost all the time
It insists on sending such a mass of data up the spine.
“What could the belly have,” they ask, “by way of information
Which in such volumes could enhance cerebral operation?”
The answer is well-known, I think, to common intuition.
That very concept will bring understanding to fruition.
For the head is very clever with its smells and light and sound
And has convinced itself those are the only things around
But there is a vast realm of sense surrounds us like a sea
Far beyond the scope of our meager tools of vibrational frequency.
Not limited to boundaries of matter, time or space
It was our home long before we were the human race.
That magic knot of nerves that lies there at our core
Is descendant of that organ that informed us long before
It sent that sense equipment bundle up the spinal tower
Where that grey mass grew so large it thought that it had all the power.
In other words, that thing that in our innards is immersed
Is not our second brain, oh no, it’s certainly our first.
And like the sun that beams us life from out the system’s nexus
All wisdom radiates to us from out the solar plexus.
But since the truth so oft conflicts with vanity and pride
Most people go to heady lengths those signals to deride
And choices made, things go wrong, life kicks them in the butt…
They always say “I shouldn’t have – I knew it in my gut!”

Page 10:

It came to me this morning
That if everyone was happy
Then there’d be no need for laughter
Since it’s there to balance crime;
And if everyone was blissful,
All wisdom truly treasuring,
There’d be no need for measuring,
There’d be no need for Time.
And once time was gone, and we were gods,
Why it is then, I posit,
That we’d pause to note what caused it,
And bang out our own universe
To see what comes up divine

Page 10:

Tetrahedral cull cathedral
Caterpillar tractor tower
Post-tectonic tantric totems
Zigguratavistic power
Palindromic peaks penumbral
Mirrored megalithic mounts
Rooted into Rorschach roadbeds
Flashing feudal ferrite founts
Teeming tangled traffic tarpits
Toiling taxidermal meat
Calligraphic cave-wall crèches
Crushing cranial concrete
Livid leering limestone limpets
Lazarettes of gilded zinc
Phosphorescent phallus fragments
Fissured antiseptic sink
Zoroaster's horizontal zero sum inversion zone
Auto-turbine timbral tazers terraforming acetone
Deconstructed dimestore demons dealing dialectic doom
Quasi quick-lime acquisitions
Quantico's conscription room
Supercivilizing psych lab synthesizing sanctity
Post-perambulating podlings posterizing perfidy
Tesseracts of troglodytic dogmatizing dilettantes
Exorcising expedited endothermic effluents

Synaesthetic synchronistic cinephile's sarcophagus

Mesmeristic mob mentation manifests Metropolis

Page 11:

Four tribes lived around the base of a great mountain
And so great was that mountain
That there was great distance between the four tribes
And they each named the mountain as they saw it
One called it the Eagle
One called it the Great Bear
One called it the Old Man
One called it the Feather of God
One day a warrior from one of the tribes
Decided to take a vision quest
To the other side of the mountain
Many days and nights he traveled around the base
Until at last he came upon one of the other tribes
Who welcomed him with excitement
“By what name,” they asked him
“Does your tribe call the mountain?”
And he replied “The Eagle.”
And they laughed and laughed
“Surely you are of a tribe of morons!”  they jeered
and pointed at the sunlit peak
“Look! You can see for yourself!
That’s no eagle!”

Page 12:

It passes, the night
Sweet planet-shadowed idyll
Facing space, lit by pinhole suns and man-made light
I live to dream
But do it best when wide aware
And fairy kissed by parsec-weary photon streams
The dreams that come in sleep are shadow-plays
All washed away by light of day
Or precious gems cast from the wreck
Of reverie on morning’s reef
And lost forever in the deep
While waking dreams born in the dark
Live on beyond amnesia’s dawn
But… it passes, the night
Soft-bordered blaze that crawls, faster than sound
This wheeling ball brought round to grounded halt
Only in dreams, or not at all
And when it comes, all certainty
Vast Helios, apocalyptic
Self-directed blast atomic
Ever crushing gas to gas
And pupil to pinprick
I turn away
Squeeze shut the lids
Press palms to face and hold it tight
And it passes for night

Page 13:

Loki and Lucifer met one day, there on the road,
And one turned to the other and asked “did you remember it?”
But before another word could pass, you woke,
And as the dream collapsed like Morgul tower at the unmaking of the ring
You laughed a little, recalling, against all odds
That simple trifle that, yet again, Loki forgot to bring

Page 14:  Damn

My guide led me gravely down dark smoky byways,
The fire-lit chambers and sulphurous highways
That wound through the plateaus where fallen souls dwell;
The echoing agonized precincts of hell.
And just when I thought it was all I could bear
And yearned for one breath of unsullied air,
I noticed one region apart from the rest
Where the torments just glimpsed put my soul to the test.
“Pray tell me,” I begged him, “Who could be so cursed?
For of all of the damned these are surely the worst!”
He followed my glance, then blanched, turned away,
For a time as I followed no further would say.
Then:  “Those monsters,” he muttered, avoiding my looks,
“Wrote in the margins of library books.”

Page 15: Love & Laughter

Love came to me the other night
As I sat and watched my favourite show
And touched me on the shoulder
And – voice like honey – began to speak
“Hold on!” I cried, for the joke was not yet made
And the setup so divine
And when at last the laugh-track swelled the room
And I obediently chuckled
I turned, smiling, to see if Love, too, was amused
And found myself alone

Page 16:

I am a born-again virgin, hymen rebuilt.
Erased is the memory of the semen I’ve spilt.
Those women that loved me, forgotten their names.
I’ll have no more of these lust-laden games.
It’s just ego-based pleasure disguised as “romance”.
I’m saving myself for….  
Oh fuck it, let’s dance!

Page 17:  Subliminal Pornography

Come now
If you seek acres of bliss
Back-lit, silken-tongued hard-won happiness
Then spread your field
Plant its seeds
Lay down in the shoots in a shower and get wet
In a big thick oxygenated
Morass of ecstasy

Let wherever you lay be a moist and swollen bed of comfort

And if a dream comes, let it slide inside your whole soul,
Your perfect aspects, your public your country
Let no inhibition or chasm internal hijack your elation



Page 18:

Luscious lips of lily
Where the petals kiss the pistel
And the misty limpid thistle
Drips its viscous whisps of dew
Terra Nova intertwining
Terraced tiers of culturation
Tumid tintinnabulation
To the tulip’s sweet sinew
Venting vernal veils of vapor
Over every vineyard veining
In the living lympha raining
O’er the orchid’s velvet hue
Grow and glisten glimmer garden
In the gloaming garlands gather
Goblets gorged with golden lather
In  a Gaian boogaloo

Page 19:

I will follow follow follow
To where wisdom is not hollow
And the falling soaring swallow
Sings his song to all that’s true
I will listen listen listen
To the whispered erudition
As the crystal vision christens
Every glistening blade with dew
I will wonder wonder wonder
In the sun and in the thunder
As the understanding sunders
All the blunders that I do

Page 20: Science & Dreamer

Humanity awoke
To find itself in a cabin, in the woods.
And Fear cried out:
“What shall we do? How shall we live?”
And Science stepped forth and said:
“I shall lead you.”
And Science turned to Industry and said:
“See you the wood that surrounds this cabin?
Hew you of it that we may have fuel for our fire
And wood with which to build.
And see you that glimmer down through the trees?
There lies a river.
Cut you a path to that river
That we may have water to drink and fish to eat.
And it was done
And it was good
And time went by
Then one day Dreamer stepped forth and said:
“But what of the forest?”
And Science smiled and said:
“What of it?
Do we not see it around us every day?
Do we not cut of it for our use?
We know all there is to know of the forest.
There is no mystery there.
Think you on the wonder of the river.”
And Dreamer fell silent.
And time went by.
Then one day Dreamer was gone
And he was gone for many days
And when he returned he had a wild look in his eyes
And he said:
“I have been deep into the forest
And oh such wonders I have seen!”
And Science scoffed and said:
“The forest has made you mad!
We know all there is to know of the forest,
There is no wonder there.
Think you on the wonder of the river
Which ever flowing brings us the stuff of life
And whispers of the mysteries of time and space!”
And Dreamer fell silent.
And time went by.
Then one day yet again Dreamer stepped forth, and said:
“But what of the mountain?”
And Science smiled and said:
“What of it?
Do we not see it plainly
When the sun is high and the sky is clear?
We know all there is to know of the mountain,
There is no mystery there.
Think you on the wonder of the river.”
And Dreamer fell silent.
And time went by.
Then one day yet again Dreamer was gone
And he was gone for many days
And when he returned he had a wild look in his eyes
And he said:
“I have been to the top of the mountain
And oh such wonders I have seen!”
And Science scoffed and said:
“The mountain has made you mad!
We know all there is to know of the mountain,
There is no wonder there.
Think you on the wonder of the river,
For one day we will build ships
And travel  on the river to other lands
And then… oh such wonders you will see!”
And Dreamer fell silent.
And time went by.
Then one day yet again Dreamer stepped forth, and said:
“But what of the earth?”
And Science smiled and said:
“What of it?
Do we not stand on it every day?
Do we not plant in it to grow our food
And dig in it to bury our dead?
We know all there is to know of the earth,
There is no mystery there.
Think you on the wonder of the river.”
And Dreamer fell silent.
And time went by.
Then one day yet again Dreamer was gone
And he was gone for many days
And when he returned he had a wild look in his eyes
And he said:
“At the foot of the mountain there are caves
And I have delved deep into those caves
And oh such wonders I have seen!”
And Science scoffed and said:
“Caves? Caves?  There are no such things as caves,
For if there were would we not know of them?
The forest and the mountain have driven you completely insane.
Look how your words infect the children!
You are a danger and should be cast out!”
Then it was that Wisdom,
Who had not spoken before, stepped forth, and said:
“Dreamer shall not be cast out.”
And the rest of humanity agreed,
For, in the end, he told better stories.

Page 21:  The Blood-Spattered Banner

Oh say can you be
One with dawn’s early light
And not proudly be vain
And know twilight’s true meaning
No blood stripes or cold stars
Seek no fortune in fight
O’er the infants to watch
As they’re happily dreaming
No more rocket’s red glare
No bombs bursting in air
Spread peace through the world
And show hope is still there
So hey put that blood-spattered banner
And be truly free
At home
In a brave new day

Page 22:

America was invented as a trap for the enlightened
Like moths they came to that proud false flame
Held high to entice us by towering Isis
Stone cold goddess of the vain
As foretold, you arose, now you’re heavenly stars
Which is why you’ve been dragged
To the corner of the flag
And surrounded by those bloody bars.
Awake you States, before it’s too late
Or your future will surely be hard
You’ll have lost your voice, and your only choice
Will be inmate, or guard.

Page 23:  When the word “Truther” is an insult, your culture is fucked

So you think it was coincidence
The moment of that incident
The world was deranged
By a couple of planes
That the one that you call
The most powerful of all
Could be found sitting there
On a children’s chair.
Sorry, but it’s true…
They’re laughing at you.

Page 24:
A magic spell was cast that day
Enchanting humankind.
Entranced they faced in silent ranks
What TVs they could find.
They open-mouthed and blank of brain
Absorbed the sacred verse:
How the pillars of Joachim and Boaz
Had been downed by an infidel curse.
It must have been a magic spell
I can think of no other condition
Where so many maintain
That a crashing plane
Can lead to controlled demolition

Page 25:

There is a graven image
You’ve held it in your hand
It’s had so many printings
There are stacks in every land.
With this image you’ve been programmed
It’s stamped deep in your mind
Yet I doubt you often contemplate
Its meaning for your kind.
It’s the pyramid on the U.S. dollar bill
Capped with a hovering eye.
It’s inferred it’s a representation of God
But that is most surely a lie.
The eye represents your true rulers;
Not the ones that you think that you choose –
Those puffed-up robotic hand puppets
Whose scripts are what passes for news.
The rays on the eye don’t mean that it shines,
They mean that it cannot be known,
And they show you the power
That has raised up this tower
By crushing our species to stone.

Page 26:

Mass-marketed sports are addictive narcotics
Targeting children with tailored hypnotics
Promoting aggression and force domination
Normalizing the language of war among nations
But whose primary purpose:  to reinforce in their mind
(As part of the program for all humankind)
That singular notion that has ruled us for ages
And made of social order a pyramid of cages
Hierarchy is the lie, the used and the users.
The few get it all, the rest are just losers.

Page 27:

Do you wear a tie?
Does it make you look distinguished?
Are you aware that it’s a symbol
That your life can be extinguished?
Ancient slaves wore round their necks
A sturdy slipknot rope
Whose functions were many
In controlling behavior
But foremost to eliminate hope
It was hard to forget that with one little motion
That rope could be made very tight
Cutting the blood flow from heart to brain…

In two seconds your head becomes light
Two seconds later and consciousness fades
Six seconds more and you’re dead
With that handy rope already in place
To drag your corpse off by the head
When I look down a busy urban street
It sometimes makes me feel queasy
All those slaves proclaiming “Kill me if you must!
Here, I’ll make it easy.”

Pager 28:

Much is said about the dangers
Of the Middle Eastern veil
{Their only real concern is
It makes facial recognition fail)
But the hypocrites will stutter
If you bother to inquire
How it is that Western culture
Has two pieces of attire
That are absolutely mandated -
Simply MUST be worn
(Especially if one hopes to rise
Above one’s station born)
And these uniform accessories
Whose donning is so vital
Have been countless times employed
In behaviour homicidal
How many gladly girth their necks
Without hesitation
Such garish invitation, to their own strangulation
And how many more have fallen
‘Neath a brandished stylish heel
On a shoe that fits the hand
As if it were designed to wield
And whose penetrative powers
Are in autopsies revealed
The reason that these murderous accoutrements
Aren’t banned
(And why they’ll find a way
A face beneath a veil is scanned)
Is they are each a symbol
In a unique permutation
Of the same history-spanning
Planet-girdling implication
Yes, there’s a common source
To what this garb infers:

The veil is about ownership,
Her body is not hers.
The heel is there to hobble
So the female cannot flee
And the up thrust buttocks signal
Her availability.
The tie is a reminder
Of when men were bound and sold,
A symbol their life’s forfeit
If they don’t do what they’re told.
Fashion may seem cyclical
It comes and goes in waves
But symbols that endure
Remind us all that we are slaves.

Page 29:

Water, water, everywhere
And children die of thirst.
Water, water, bottled and bought;
Humanity must be cursed.

Page 30:

Oh, how the halls ring with laugher while showers of gold frame their thrones
Where the blood pools soften the firelight and they clean their teeth with our bones...

Page 31:  The Story of Christmas

Jesus was born on the 25th
So was Attis and Mithra and Horus
And dozens of others of ancient gods
Our rulers have concocted for us

It’s all about worship of Sol, you see
That’s why Sun-day’s the day that you pray
And why the yearly course of the sun
Informs almost each holy-day
The Messiah is the solar disk
As it moves in the northern sky
Because of the angle of axis of Earth
In December it seems to “die”
Its lowest rising is day 22
Then for 3 days it seems to be “dead”
Then on day 25 it appears to revive
Rising out of its solar death bed
The sun at this time is closely aligned
With the bright “Southern Cross” constellation
Which is why, far and wide, god’s crucified
Before his revivification
The star in the East is Sirius
Aligned with the belt of Orion
(Also known as “3 Kings”
As through heaven it swings)
And it points there on the horizon
Where the sun is being born again
Which at Easter we honour outright
Since at the time of spring equinox
The day becomes longer than night
To a virgin he’s born on that winter morn
Since in Virgo is time of the reaping
Fulfillment of the appointment with life
Which the sun in its rebirth is keeping
And he travels with twelve companions
The zodiacal signs
Which accompany the Sun of God
As he marks out celestial time
So the story’s a fiction
A human depiction of astronomical fact
Re-imagined by priests, and not the least
For the servitude they could exact
And that is not all that one can recall
Of the fables assigned to this season
So chaotic and weird do the stories appear
That it’s hard not to question your reason
You might want to pause to recall Santa Claus
A saint known by all for benevolence
Turned into a shill for a capitalist will
With bizarre supernatural elements
And all adults agree that this odd fantasy
In the children should be inculcated
So the one thing they know as their little ones grow
Is the pure must in time become jaded
But before you decide that I hate the Yuletide
The mendacity I am implying
The fact is I’m elated, as it’s celebrated,
So much joy can survive all that lying

Page 32:  For a Past Pontiff

His Holiness the Pope
Jehovah’s very finger
Is an ex-Nazi named Ratzinger

Wearing golden robes
And a golden crown
On a golden throne
In a golden town

Smiling at an image
Of Jesus of Nazareth
Naked and bleeding
And tortured to death
Forgive me this my blasphemy
But that sure sounds like Satan to me

Page 33: Exodus 20 Revisited

Thou shalt have no other gods before me…
By which it should be clear that yes, there are other gods
Thou shalt make no graven images, nor any likeness of any thing
that is in the heaven above or in the earth beneath the heaven
or in the waters below the earth…
In other words: no pictures, no sculpture, no artwork, no media of any kind
Because if you make it you will worship it
And I really really hate those idols
Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain…
Because my monitoring system starts recording when it hears the word Jehovah
And I do not want to have to pour through hours of you cursing because you stubbed your toe
Thou shalt honour the Sabbath and keep it holy…
Because regular vacation time is just good personnel management
Thou shalt honour thy father and thy mother…
Because if you don’t… well, you’re just an asshole
Thou shalt not kill…
Unless I tell you to, which I may be doing a lot of
So don’t worry too much about that one
Thou shalt not steal…
Except of course the stuff from those people
Whose land I’m stealing to give to you
Thou shalt not commit adultery…
Which is really that whole asshole thing again
Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor…
Though in pretty well every other circumstance
Feel free to make it up as you go
Thou shalt not covet the things of thy neighbour…
Which is a thought crime, and hardly the worst
But I include it so you’ll think I’m telepathic
Ah… the Holy Commandments  of mighty Jehovah…
But wait!  Did not Moses, on coming down the mount
With the two tablets on which he had just carved
These Ten Commandments
Upon seeing the tribes worshipping the golden calf
Did cast them down upon the rocks, destroying them utterly?
And despite the fact that he had just spent most of the day with them
And they were only ten, and he was from an oral tradition
He somehow couldn’t remember them
And had to go back up the mount to get dictation again?
And if this is true then how do we even know
What was on those two tablets of stone?
Is it because the second set were identical?

They were not

And if they were not, in matters legislative
Do not later laws supersede those that came before?
And was it not this second set of tablets
With this second set of Commandments
That was placed in the Ark of the Covenant
And hauled around the desert for forty years?
Is it not therefore this second set of Commandments
To which we should abide?
What is the second set of Ten Commandments?
Exodus 37
Thou shalt worship no other gods
For the Lord thy God is a jealous god
And his name is Jealousy…
Pretty close, a little bit creepy
Thou shalt make no molten gods…
Pretty close, a lot more specific
Moses had just come up the mount with the whole story
About the golden calf
So he was probably just clarifying things for this dimwitted bunch
In the first list we had that whole “name in vain” thing
Apparently not a high priority, because now at number three we have:

Thou shalt keep the feast of unleavened bread…
Unleavened bread?

Here’s my theory:
By the time Moses came back up the mount
Jehovah was between meals
And a god’s gotta eat (probably has a staff to feed)
Therefore we now have at number
Thy first born shall be mine…
Which is not to say that God eats people
The first born of a human is to be ransomed with a sheep or a goat
And let’s be clear about something else:
God don’t eat no ass!
The first born of an ass is to be ransomed with a sheep or a goat
And as we all know, the first born are the most delicious
Forget about Mom and Dad,
But don’t forget to take those regular breaks:
For six days shalt thou work and on the seventh shalt thou rest…
And, I don’t know,  maybe have a bite to eat?

In the first list, the only Commandment anyone seems to remember:
“  Thou   Shalt   Not   Kill  ”
Does not appear anywhere in this list
Instead, at number
We have more feasts:
Thou shalt keep the Feast of Weeks, the Feast of the Ingathering
of the Wheat, and the Feast of the Harvest at End of Season…
Mmm-mmm!  Bring on the food!
Stealing?  Fuggedabouit! But:
Thou shalt not mix the blood of the sacrifice with the unleavened bread…
… which is more of a serving suggestion, really
Adultery?  Whatever.  But:
Thou shalt not leave the fat of the sacrifice
Overnight until the next morning…
In other words:  For God’s sake, clean up!
Bear false witness?  Do what ya gotta do, but:
The first of the first of the fruits of the land shall be mine…
Because I just remembered even God can’t get by on meat alone
You gotta have some greens in there
And at number
Surely the most sublime of all of the Holy Commandments
Of mighty Jehovah:
Thou shalt not seethe a kid in its mother’s milk…
Seethe is to boil, a kid is a baby goat –
It’s a cooking instruction!
My God was he hungry!
Making one wonder
If Moses had come up the mount an hour after mealtime
If most of the Commandments might not be about
Waste disposal

So the next time someone asks you
If you follow the Ten Commandments
Keep in mind all those feasts you’ve missed
And all those groceries you failed to deliver
And tell them you refuse to worship any god
That can’t remember the simplest things

Page 34:

And now for something a bit blasphemous
(A poem about a classic poem that uses that poem in the poem):

Oh.Shit! (title may need work)

The Road Less Traveled
Wonderful, inspirational phrase
Made famous by New Age musicians and self help gurus
The Road Less Traveled
The creative path, the artist’s way, the explorer, the adventurer
The different drummer

The Road Less Traveled
Which is fine
Ostensibly this is a paraphrase from the last line
Of the Robert Frost poem “The Road Not Taken”
which goes:
Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by
And that has made all the difference
The obvious implication being (to make this an inspirational phrase)
That the difference that has been made
Is a positive one
No evidence to support this contention exists
Consider the poet
One of Robert Frost’s greatest works
Is about a boy dying because he cut off his hand with a circular saw
His most famous work, “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening”
Is  regularly taught as a metaphor for the contemplation of death
My favourite poem, “Fire and Ice” is a sardonic look
At the end of the world
In a poem about nocturnal perambulation he includes the lines:
“I have stood still and stopped the sound of feet
When far away an interrupted cry
Came over houses from another street
But not to call me back or say goodbye”
He is a dark poet, intimating violence
A trickster whose tricks are in plain sight
The poem is called “The Road Not Taken”
Not “The Road Less Traveled”
And it goes like this:
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood
Diverge can mean turning from the true
Yellow is the colour of sickness and cowardice
A wood is yellow in the fall, a season of death and decay
And sorry I could not travel both and be one traveler
The ninth word of the poem, directly beneath the title in some printings
Is the word “sorry”, clearly indicating, I would suggest
A poem of regret
A poem who’s first conceptual image is of being split in two
Long I stood
Which may be a reference to Poe’s “The Raven”, with its line:
“Long I stood there, wondering fearing, doubting”
And looked down one as far as I could
The pathway of the title, the road not taken, is first called “one”
A symbol of dominance, unity, preference
And “as far as I could”? Is that yearning?
To where it bent in the undergrowth

Sinister words there, “bent”, “undergrowth”
Is it fear of the unknown?
And took the other as just as fair
The road “less traveled”, the pathway he ends up taking
He first calls “The Other”, which in some biblical commentary
Is used in place of the word Satan
And is he rationalizing, trying to be just and fair?
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear
Grassy sounds nice! And “wanted”?  Is it beckoning?
Though as for that the passing there had worn them really about the same
Hold everything! How can it be the creative, the explorer’s
The different drummer’s path
When the “less traveled” part is not a significant feature
But merely a superficial identifier!
It sounds more like he’s taking the easy way!
And now he ends his description of these two roads in the wood:
And both that morning equally lay in leaves no step had trodden black
It is an image of bucolic scenery
Reduced by the passage of a human foot to oily decay
And it ends with the word “black”
I kept the first for another day
Ha! He calls it “the first”, and he didn’t “leave” it for another day
He “kept” it.  He covets it.
But knowing how way leads on to way…
Wai-ait a minute!  The author most certainly knows what happened
When way led on to way
And by doubling the way
Is he not telling us the decision was, in fact, a weighty one?
And by doubling the way
Is he not reminding us of being split in two?
What happened when way led on to way?
Was he waylaid?
… I doubted if I should ever come back
If he remembers nothing else from this moment
He remembers the doubt
I shall be telling this with a sigh somewhere ages and ages hence
He doesn’t know where he will end up, or how long he might live
But even if he lives for ages and ages -
Or, in reincarnational terms, through many lifetimes –
He will never forget the unspoken outcome
Of this apparently arbitrary decision in the woods
And if, after the word choices that precede it
You can believe that to be a sigh of pleasure
Then we must be speaking a different language
Two roads diverged in a wood and I, I took the one less traveled by
The poet signs his name in the last line – I, I – and he splits himself in two
And that has made all the difference
Can you see the difference?
I am strongly opposed to the dissection of poetry
Which I consider to be a very personal relationship
Not readily amenable to academic analysis
And I make this one significant exception
I believe this to be a poem about a capricious, even fear-based choice
Made against the urgings of intuition
That leads to a lifetime of regret
And therefore the proper translation of the phrase
The Road Less Traveled
If meant to reference this poem, would be:
Oh. Shit!

Burning Man Sound Poems

These are pieces created for BMR, Burning Man Radio
They are grouped by season and reflect that year's theme
"Galfridus" is my playa name, source name for "Jeffrey"
It means "land of peace"

This is a 16 meg flash file
Click on a title to begin its playback
One file will not stop when another is started
or the same file is started again
allowing for experimental layering

At any time clicking on white space near text
will stop all sounds.




you can listen now on the player on the Stories page

The Spaxter Cycle
Spaxter A tongue-in-cheek futuristic thriller featuring a techno-telepathic private detective named Sam Spaxter who uncovers a bizarre plot by a self-styled Egyptian god to steal the creative essence from all the great minds in the world using a device at the heart of the Great Pyramid. 45 min.

Spaxterback That's right, Spaxter's back! Or is he? If you were a super-smart military computer that needed to find out something about what might be an alien invasion of Earth, where would you look to find a fictional personality from Earth culture best suited to help you deal with the situation? Obscure 20th Century radio drama, of course! 45 min.

The Weird Words Trilogy
Plague. The world is assailed by the Plague Unstoppable, a mutating virus which at last becomes airborne and forces the last remnants of humanity into vast domes. Now the virus is mutating again, and soon even the domes will offer no safety.Out of this nightmare myths are born, and the survivors cling to these with desperate hope.
Part narrative future history, part cinematic soundscape. 30 min.

Psychotherapy An unabashed homage to one of the great horror writers of all time, this is farcical terror with chilling effects and a sardonic final twist. You find yourself following psychiatric patient Mark Allen as he decides to undertake a radical new treatment at a remote asylum… or is it? 30 min.

Vigilante. A neglected autistic savante finds he has an unusual power over the things he sees on the evening news, and makes an unnatural connection to the newscaster reporting them. Soon the world is experiencing a powerful, violent, inexplicable force of justice; and in the end, is anybody really "good" enough to survive it? 30 min.

The Other Plays
Flash. When three survivalists take to the northern wilderness to escape what they fear might be imminent global conflagration, they begin to experience distant flashes. Are they nuclear events, or something else? And what are the strange visions that accompany the flashes? 45 min.

Somebody Talking To You. Someone is distributing cassettes free in the mail, marked only with the words: "Somebody Talking To You". Everybody hears something different, and soon they can't listen to anything else. Only one man hears what is really being said.... and he doesn't like it! Can he stop the epidemic? And does anybody want him to? 45 min.

She Dreams of Atlantis. Victoria Doubleday is a successful ad executive who just landed the lucrative Metacorps contract promoting their latest achievement -- an array of power satellites in geosynchronous orbit that will solve all mankind's energy needs. But Victoria has been having dreams of Atlantis, and how that civilization was destroyed by a similar project. 45 min.

XICTTDOD. In "Xmas Is Coming To The District of Drudge" Joe Carpenter works for the Department of Complacency in a dystopian parallel world without colour, emotion or spirit. One day someone introduces him to the mysterious substance known as "Xmas", and his world is changed forever. Is it a drug? It just looks like a piece of fruitcake, wrapped in tinfoil! 45 min.

The Tuning. A fantasy sound poem on the theme of transcendent technology, in a strange future world where everyone is implanted with devices that allow them to "tune" into a full-immersion, interactive broadcast net, influencing the content to the limits of their assigned "access rating”. 45 min.

A Pilot
Epiphanies. Joshua Bellows, a member of parliament for an Ontario rural riding wanders into a small town to discover it in the grip of a strange force that calls itself the "Auditor" and holds court on a local AM radio station. Somehow the sound from the radio can change reality.... maybe even kill? 60 min.

The Radio Work

you can listen now on the player on each of the pages

Azort Starbolt: Space Android Chapter 1 Episode 1 "The First One" , in which we meet Azort and his sidekick Wut the Laph and his nemesis Balfod the Nebulous. And Azort shops for groceries. 8 min.

Chapter 1 Episode 2 "Canadian Cuisine" , featuring an appearance from Fromtag the Dreaded Vegetarian Space Beast. 8 min.

Chapter 1 Episode 3 "In It For The Money" in which Azort struggles to thwart Balphod's dastardly plan to turn all the stars of the Milky Way galaxy into cottage cheese! 12 min.

Chapter 1 Episode 4 "Episode 42" in which Ambrose LeFay, Private Good Guy, looks for work. 11 min.

Chapter 1 Episode 5 "The Jar of Jongo" in which a badly programmed android sends LeFay into a flashback. 10 min.

Chapter 1 Episode 6 "Wut's Flashback" featuring Pick The Hero! 12 min.

Chapter 2 Episode 1 "Magneto's Mistake!" featuring a BARK9 special report and the legendary Uncle Piggy Show. 40 min.

Chapter 2 Episode 2 "The Last Laph" featuring an inordinate amount of pinball, brought to you by Mockingbird Sound Effects Records. 13 min.

Chapter 2 Episode 3 "Shock Therapy" which is pretty well just an entire episode of hallucinating android. 16 min.

Chapter 2 Episode 4 "All Hail the Galactic Plumber" in which Azort escapes (that's new!) [WARNING! Contains Pun Infractions and plot skippage]. 18 min.

Early Drama

For A Breath I Tarry

A full production drama based on the Roger Zelazny short story "For A Breath I Tarry" that was presented as a Christmas offering. The late Mr. Zelazny heard this version of his story several years before his death, and communicated his pleasure with the work in personal correspondence. 26 min.

August Awareness

In a collection of unusual programs this one may very well be the most genuinely unusual. An experimental mix of tone poem, sound collage and left-field cornball. 60 min.

The War of the Worlds Special

A media experiment combining a documentary on the history of the story with a creative interweaving of the Orson Welles 1938 broadcast and the Jeff Wayne 1978 musical. 60 min.

The Prog Docs

Gabriel '78. Built around a phone interview in anticipation of Peter Gabriel's 1978 Canadian tour. 29 min.

The Answer Is Yes. A historical tour from the band's beginnings through to the album "Union". 55 min.

Jon Anderson '87. Built around a backstage interview during the 1987 Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe tour. 55 min.

Pink Floyd '87: You Gotta Be Crazy. Produced on the occasion of the first non-Waters Floyd tour, this is an in-depth retrospective of the band's career up to "Momentary Lapse of Reason". 55 min.

David Gilmour '87: The Raw Interview. The raw audio from the second hand cassette deck sitting on the table when Jeff sat down with Dave for a chat before Floyd's 1987 Ottawa performance. 75 min.

Whatever Happened To Alice? Built around a 1987 phoner with this rock icon, it's a quick and dirty tour of the life and works of Alice Cooper. 55 min.

Big In Japan

Clicking on one of the links to the right will open the playlist for one of the occasional CKCU late night music programs hosted by the epithetically multivarious Periwinkle Caluminar III. The section titles are the download links. You can listen now to the player at the bottom of each popup window.


Recorded in binaural sound, a brief fantasy on future terrorism produced for a CBC experimental drama series 10 min.


Everything's True. A soundscape of philosophical exploration. 53 min.

Deep Run. A music video for the band Third of Never.