Four Tribes


Four tribes
Lived around the base
of a great mountain
And so great was that mountain
That there was great distance
between the four tribes

And they each named the mountain
as they saw it

One called it the Eagle
One called it the Great Bear
One called it the Old Man
One called it the Feather of God

One day a warrior from one of the tribes
Decided to take a vision quest
To the other side of the mountain

Many days and nights
he traveled around the base
Until at last
he came upon one of the other tribes
Who welcomed him with excitement

“By what name,” they asked him
“Does your tribe call the mountain?”

And he replied “The Eagle.”

And they laughed and laughed

“Surely you are of a tribe of morons!”  they jeered
and pointed at the silhouetted peak
“Look! You can see for yourself!
That’s no eagle!”