It Passes


It passes, the night

Sweet planet-shadowed idyll
Facing space
Lit by pinhole suns and man-made light

I live to dream
But do it best when wide aware
And fairy kissed
by parsec-weary photon streams

The dreams that come in sleep
Are shadow-plays
All washed away by light of day
Or precious gems cast from the wreck
Of reverie on morning’s reef
And lost forever in the deep

While waking dreams born in the dark
Live on beyond amnesia’s dawn

But… it passes, the night

Soft-bordered blaze that crawls
Faster than sound
This wheeling ball
Brought round to grounded halt
Only in dreams, or not at all

And when it comes, all certainty
Vast Helios, apocalyptic
Self-directed blast atomic
Ever crushing gas to gas
And pupil to pinprick

I turn away
Squeeze shut the lids
Press palms to face and hold it tight

And it passes for night